L’Agenzia Dogane e Monopoli con la circolare in oggetto ha reso noto che dal 6 dicembre prende il via una sperimentazione operativa della procedura “Fast Transfer” per i soggetti autorizzati operanti presso l’aeroporto di Malpensa.


Infatti, nell’ambito del programma di “Digitalizzazione degli Aeroporti” è stata automatizzata la procedura di trasferimento delle merci depositate presso i magazzini di temporanea custodia (TC) aeroportuali (cd. magazzini interni) verso magazzini di TC situati fuori dell’area aeroportuale (cd. magazzini esterni), al fine di potervi effettuare le successive operazioni di sdoganamento.


Le istruzioni operative per l’attuazione della sperimentazione di tale procedura sono contenute nel Disciplinare quadro e con il Disciplinare di servizio, che definisce i soggetti coinvolti nella sperimentazione e che è diramato a cura della Direzione territoriale competente sull’aeroporto presso cui si avvia la sperimentazione, sono fornite le istruzioni procedurali di dettaglio.


Questa procedura si applica a merce non unionale depositata presso i magazzini di temporanea custodia aeroportuali autorizzati alla procedura.

Fonte: Alsea


The airline Finnair Cargo is preparing to carry Covid-19 vaccines. Several pharmaceutical companies have stated they are in the latter stages of testing a vaccine for Covid-19, suggesting it is time to start planning the supply chain. It is anticipated that air cargo will be one of the main forms of transportation.

Finnair Cargo was the first airline in the world to receive IATA’s CEIV Pharma certificate in 2015. “We have a history of excellence in pharma logistics and with our new terminal, we have lifted all the monitoring and control to 100% in our premises.” says Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales at Finnair Cargo.

The SL Europe Agency Srl, offer all our  customers and agents, assistance for   handle air transport shipments  from and to  Italy,  Our company is  registered  as an International freight forwarder in Milan.


Milan Malpensa reopen Terminal 1: from June 15 Terminal 2 closes, which has handled all flights for almost three months, and operations resume from the larger and more modern terminal. And you do it amidst a thousand safety precautions.The minimum threshold for reopening the T1 was three thousand daily passengers: Armando Brunini, CEO of Sea, had prudently indicated a date between June 15 and July 1, but the one for 15 was already circulating as a more realistic forecast, especially in light of the re-start of Easyjet, with several “domestic” flights (ie internal) to which they will gradually add the international ones.

How Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 reopens

Sea has already prepared all measures to prevent contagion risk. At this point he only expects the ENAC go-ahead, the National Civil Aviation Authority, but all are already ready for the effective reopening of Terminal 1. Accompanied, in parallel, by the Temporary “disposal” of T2, who from mid-March and for exactly three months took charge of managing all the (very few, at the beginning) remaining passengers.

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