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Railway Transportation

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Railway transportation is the  best choice for international transportation between sea freight and air freight from/to China and  SL Europe Agency offers the service with long  experience in the market.
Railway transportation, as an important part and Europe and China, has risen to a national strategy and has become a competitive and influential logistics method. Compared with the traditional mode of transportation, the railway transportation’s transit time is less days than  sea freight, and the cost is only one-fourth of the air freight, it can help you and your company to save a lot of cost and time.

SL Europe Agency has direct business relationship and General Service Agreements with the main Railway Companies. SL Europe Agency has also developed relationship with railways and can outsource a variety of conventional railway, railway refer sections and fitting platforms directly from railroad companies.

Our Rail services:
  • Guaranteed 20ft, 40ft FCL  Services to/from  China and Europe
  • Combined rail, barge and truck transportation of ISO Box Containers
  • Block train service
  • Standard security of the containers with security seals
  • Conventional rail transportation using variety of railway covered wagons, semi wagons and platforms suitable for containers
  • Railway terminal handling and door delivery service
  • Daily tracing and positioning reporting
  • Customs declaration
  • Proof of delivery

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