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19 January 2024 0Air freightCustomsSea freight

The Red Sea crisis has begun to show its first effects on air shipments, and it has done so in a noticeable way.

Analysts at to that of the peak in 2023 (reached in October) as well as exceeding the share reached 12 months earlier by 16%. “This is usually the quietest period of the year, so seeing increases of this magnitude, with volumes higher than those seen at any point in 2023, is significant” commented Niall van de Wouw, head of the Air Freight area of society.

The route from Vietnam, he explained, is typically used for sending clothing, a sector which, according to evidence collected by Xeneta, is now resorting to this mode of transport due to the Red Sea crisis, although it could contribute to the leap also be the approach of the Lunar New Year holiday, which will fall on February 10th. At the same time, freight rates for the same route grew by 10%, a level which, according to analysts, could how

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